Celtic Cross II

From NVP this counted cross stitch pattern features a gold Celtic cross on a purple and black background. The ringed cross motif is shared by Celtic nations and so is called the 'Celtic cross'. The cross has been around for many centuries. It has come to have a multitude of different meanings ascribed to it.

One interpretation is that the horizontal arms represent the physical world, while the vertical arms are for the spiritual. When they meet in the center a balance is achieved creating a sense of wholeness. Hence the circle, which is a symbol for oneness or being 'complete'.

There are many interpretations and legends about the original meaning of the Celtic cross. In our modern multicultural world, the ringed cross is as much a symbol of ethnic heritage as it is of faith. It is often used as an emblem of ones Irish, Scottish or Welsh identity.

Finished size: 8" x 8" high on 14 count fabric.

Imported from the United Kingdom.

Instruction leaflet only.

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