Celtic Knots Fob, Quick Stitch

From NVP Design, these counted cross stitch patterns feature a Celtic knot. There are instructions for a picture, bookmark, quick stitch, and scissor fob. For the Celts, life was seen as an eternal ourney. They believed in reincarnation, continuous rebirth until complete spiritual fulfillment is achieved, from birth to death to rebirth striving for perfection. Knotwork may represent that thread of life we all travel.

Interlaced knotwork patterns, with their unbroken lines may symbolisze the binding of a person's soul to the earth, and the process of eternal spiritual growth. It is thought that it cannot be untied until one realizes one's spiritual potential and is able, through one's endeavors, to break free of the cycle of rebirth. Some view interlacing knots as a representation of the cosmis loom, symbolizing the existence of the spirit through time, space, and lifetimes.

Finished sizes on 14 count fabric: 4" x 4" high picture, 2" x 7.25" high bookmark, and 3" x 6" high scissor fob, and 2.75" x 2.75" high quick stitch.

Imported from the United Kingdom.

Instruction leaflet only.

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